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14 сентября 2015, 04:52

Abcotech Wireless Bike Speaker Multi-function Bag review


The Abcotech wireless speaker has a few tricks up its sleeve and at the same time doesn’t compromise sound quality. The speaker makes the perfect gadget for people who enjoy the outdoors. It packs great sound quality, long enough battery life, a built-in microphone for hands free speakerphone capabilities, a loud and powerful bass and built-in FM radio all in one durable water-resistant package.

The Abcotech wireless speaker supports both wired and wireless connections (via Bluetooth) to stream your favorite songs all day long. The speaker is built into a portable case that’s good for bringing on trips, to the pool and even on a bike ride. Connected clips and velcro straps will allow users to easily attach the speaker to their bicycle and not have to worry about it falling off. In addition, a zipper allows you to fully enclose your device in the bag keeping it dry and safe from whatever may come its way. It comes in three color options, red, blue and black (used in this review).


The Abcotech wireless speaker’s super portable and lightweight design is perfect for whatever life brings. Its included water resistance can handle anything from a splash to a rain shower. The design features a soft touch casing that is extremely durable and prone to the outdoors. If users decide to use a wired connection, the connected device can be strapped inside the bag and closed with a zipper to ensure it’s safe from the outside environment.


On the outside, the speaker has tactile buttons on the front side that light up and give users control over their music. Whether using a connected Android device, iOS device or another device, users will be able to skip tracks, pause/play, connect to Bluetooth, access the built-in FM radio, skip channels or raise the volume all from the exterior controls. In addition, users can use their Bluetooth connected smartphone for controls such as changing the volume or skipping to the next track.


The bag is made out of a hard material that can’t be bent or re-shaped in any way, thus ensuring what’s inside is safe.

One of the main features of this speaker is to be able to use it during a bike ride. The speaker includes adjustable straps, a built-in clip and velcro to ensure it fits on your bicycle.


Other than the speaker itself, users will find that a male-to-male 3.5mm cable for connecting your device(s) is included in the box. It also includes a USB 2.o to micro-USB cable for charging along with a owners manual.


The functionality of the Abcotech wireless speaker is what makes others rave about it. This isn’t just your typical Bluetooth speaker. It includes a built-in FM radio, a microphone for picking up phone calls and a wired connection just in case your device can’t be connected wireless. Most would expect the device’s sound quality to disappoint since all these bells and whistles are included. However, the sound quality is actually good for the price. It’s nothing to go crazy for, and if you’re expecting top-notch sound quality you’re not getting it here. However, during testing I found that Abcotech did a decent job here. The speaker also gets fairly loud, but if you’re planning on being over 30+ meters away, it becomes slightly difficult to hear even when placed on full volume. Sound quality also becomes a bit unclear when putting on max volume but it’s not a deal breaker.

During testing I found the controls to be very handy. It’s very convenient having the buttons light up and makes it much easier to interact during night hours. As for battery life, I found the speaker lasting weeks to even months on a single charge with minimal usage. Battery life shouldn’t really be an issue here so long as you charge it before going on a weekly trip. For charging, users will have two options. One can either use the USB 2.0 to Micro USB cable included with the device or insert a BL-5C 3.7V 800mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. That’s if you can find an additional one to have as a backup. Charging from 0% to full will take approx. 2-3 hours depending on your source.


If there is any downside with the product it’s the FM Radio. Sometimes the device had a hard time getting hold of reception. Even when it does there aren’t many channels to listen too. This is common in these devices so you’re not really missing out. It should be noted that when it does work, it works well.


An On/Off button is included on the inside of the bag which lights up a blue LED indicator when turned on. Users will also have the option to plug in an auxiliary cable or a pair of headphones directly into the speaker. The speaker also has some extra space just in case someone wants to place their keys or small object(s) inside the bag when going on a trip or bike ride. Straps are also included on the inside to keep your phone from moving around. The only con is that it will only fit devices up to a certain size. Unfortunately, if you have a smartphone whose display is 5.5-inches or larger it probably won’t fit inside.



Overall the Abcotech wireless speaker makes a great companion for those in need of a portable and durable speaker. It works with the majority of today’s devices and hasn’t caused any problems with my usage so far. Battery life will last you the week on a single charge with moderate usage and sound quality makes the speaker a sweet deal. Its included straps and clips make it easy to bring along with you on a bike ride and its water resistance can withstand most that comes its way. The price tag starts at $69 depending on the color you so desire. Ultimately, it makes a great device for listening to your favorite tracks and all of its additional built-in sensors separate it from competitors and make it worth while. Whether you’re lounging out near the pool or riding your bike in the mountains, you can rely on the Abcotech wireless speaker to get the job done.

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